Working under the umbrella of allied health medicine, the need to stay updated with new information and various new techniques is paramount to you, your clientele and business. At NRG-Health we offer a variety of educational courses that will assist you to supporting the needs of your ever increasing and changing cliental as well as improving the way you operate as a professional therapist.

Our educational sessions are for all massage therapists that have completed Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and hold their own insurance.

Below is a brief description of what we have to offer.

Hot Stone Therapy a 2 day course; of an ancient technique where you as a therapist will utilizes hot basalt stones in an energetic application to manipulate the soft tissue structures for a deeper level of relaxation and revitalization. Our level 1 will set up the foundations for providing hot stone massage for both Day Spa business and Clinical environments. Level 2 is our advance course for remedial therapies.

Cupping Therapy a 1 day course; of a widely popular technique extensively used in many parts of the world with impressive results for soft tissue pain and myofascial dysfunctions. Our method of practise is a Dry Technique called ‘Fire jar’ which utilizes glass cups in both a static and dynamic applications to lift and separate soft tissue dysfunctions offering another approach to healing.

Stronger Massage Techniques a 1 day course; emphasises on how to increase the strength, intensity and consistency for massage therapy by using a systematic approach and the efficient use of greater mechanical techniques in a manner that’s safe and effect for a therapists to use increasing the longevity of your professional career.


‘A true professional of allied health medicine combines their perfection of techniques, with the power of knowledge into a successful plan of application’.